Announcing our $12 million Series A to democratize sophisticated digital marketing for local businesses

January 18, 2022
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by Matthew Marx

I’m excited to announce Evocalize has raised a $12 million Series A investment. We’ll use the investment to expand our successful solution for real estate businesses and build on our real estate successes to bring our powerful, data driven, push-button simple collaborative marketing technology to more local and national-to-local businesses across industries. The round was led by Move, Inc. (operator of®), who was joined by Second Century Ventures and Habanero Ventures. You can see the full press release here.

We’ve seen our collaborative marketing technology work time and again in the real estate vertical, and with this new investment we’re both doubling down on new functionality and channels for real estate and bringing our collaborative marketing technology to more industries and the local businesses that surround the home and are impacted by the home transaction.

For too long, local businesses have been left out of the digital marketing and data revolutions. Lack of expertise, data, time, and resources means they continue to spend marketing dollars on offline, unmeasurable, and often ineffective marketing channels and don’t reap the rewards from digital marketing that larger companies do. At the same time, parent brands and technology partners want to enable their local teams and users with effective, data driven digital marketing that drives results, but they lack the technology to do so efficiently at scale while ensuring best practices and brand compliance.

Evocalize’s technology solves these challenges, making it easy for national brands and technology platforms to quickly launch powerful and unique digital marketing programs for their local teams and users. The programs leverage the right data, creative, messaging, audiences and best practices. Local teams and users can then apply their market expertise to customize and launch programs with just a few clicks.

The results of our technology speak for themselves. Over one million digital marketing programs have been run using our collaborative marketing solutions, generating effective local awareness, millions of leads, and thousands of home and home related transactions. One partner saw a decrease in weekly time spent by their thousands of agents on digital marketing from 9 hours to less than 9 minutes – that’s a full day agents got back to spend on other business critical tasks. At the same time, agents saw a 400% improvement in the results of their digital marketing.

The funding round was led by Move, Inc, operator of®. We’ve worked closely with for over five years now, and they know our technology and team very well. That makes their investment incredibly validating of our team, technology and vision. We’ll use the investment to deepen our technology solutions, add additional channels and cross-channel optimization capabilities, and help more industries and the local businesses that surround the home and are impacted by the home transaction generate their own demand.

For existing partners and clients, this investment means more channels, features, and improved performance of your digital marketing programs. We’re looking forward to continuing to work closely with you to surpass your digital marketing and business goals.

If we don’t yet work together, but you’re a national to local brand, a tech platform that supports local business and teams, or a marketplace bringing buyers together with local sellers, and you want to offer sophisticated yet easy-to-use digital marketing to your teams and users, we should talk.

If you’re a local business or team that wants to get better results with digital marketing, talk to your corporate team or your technology platform partners (like your CRM) about adding in Evocalize technology so you can be up and running with sophisticated digital marketing with just a few clicks.

We’re on a mission to make powerful digital marketing accessible and effective for local businesses, and this investment helps us accelerate making our mission a reality for businesses across industries like real estate, mortgage, insurance, multi-family housing, senior living, financial services, restaurants, and travel.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this latest inflection point, most prominently our precious early clients, investors, and team members who believed in us and our vision when there was very little proof!

Thanks y’all. In the spirit of my Texas roots…we ain’t done yet!

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