Unleash the power of your data.

Drive real results by leveraging business, third-party, and user data for hyper-targeted data driven marketing.


Realize the potential of localized data driven marketing.

Connect Any Data Source

Push your data into our platform from any source, including CRM systems, outreach automation tools, and third-party databases using our API.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Develop highly personalized programs with tailored marketing messages that address the unique needs and preferences of your franchisees’ local audience.

Optimize Campaign Performance

Continuously refine campaigns with data-driven feedback to maximize marketing ROI and drive sustainable business growth for your franchisees.

Drive real results by leveraging business, third-party, and user data for hyper-targeted data driven marketing.

Empower your franchisees with data driven marketing capabilities

Streamline marketing with data driven automation.

Our Collaborative Marketing Platform uses integrated data to automate key aspects of your campaigns, allowing your franchisees to focus on strategic decision making, while the platform takes care of the rest.

Gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts.

By leveraging digital marketing performance data, you can access detailed, real-time reports that showcase campaign performance across locations, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

Boost localized marketing campaign performance.

By creating hyper-targeted advertisements that resonate with your audience, you can achieve higher engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, drive better results for your business.

Maximize your marketing efficiency.

By consolidating data sources and automating key processes, your franchisees can eliminate manual tasks and focus on what truly matters – growing their business and achieving their marketing goals.

Data driven marketing based on any data

POS and HR

Serve ads based on revenue or sales targets, inventory levels, product mix, or even hiring needs.

Social and News

Engage with customers based on particular topics that are being discussed or may be receiving attention.

Local Weather and Events

Launch advertisements based on impending changes in weather conditions, temperature, or nearby events. 


Serve ads to different customer segments based on how they interact with your business to drive retention and loyalty.

Proven digital marketing success


Increase in ROI
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Increase in CTR
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Improvement in Time Spent
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Additional features

Turn any franchisee into a digital marketing pro.

Empower your franchisees to run complex local digital marketing with intelligent program templates that can be sent across multiple channels at once, in just a few clicks — on brand and with local flavor.

Real-time local decisions based on local data.

From POS data to inventory levels, to weather and events happening nearby, any data source can automatically trigger sophisticated data driven marketing programs that evolve in real time, optimizing results for your locations’ marketing spend.

The next evolution in local digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and real-time data automation to drive maximum ROI for your franchisees.

All your channels. All your locations. All in one place.

Assess digital marketing performance across all your franchisees or dive into more detailed views with our reporting and analytics dashboard, with reporting from all your digital marketing channels conveniently centralized in one place for maximum insight and ease of use.

How to go to market

We help give your team as much or as little control as you like


Automate various ad programs to launch based on your data. Use any data to drive traffic, revenue, and loyalty.


Work with your local teams to launch and manage digital programs more efficiently and effectively than ever.


Create flexible programs your franchisees can execute on their own with a couple clicks — on brand and with local flavor.

Evocalize offers best-in-class technology that has allowed us to quickly scale our solutions to meet our customers’ robust marketing needs.

Kate Teich
VP of Product Management

Empower your franchisees.
Drive real local results.

Not every franchisee on your team is a marketing pro — yet.
Let’s change that. Reach out, and we’ll show you how!