Success Story

EXIT Realty International shares Facebook advertising best practices with thousands of offices and agents

EXIT Realty International, a top Real Estate franchisor, used Evocalize’s embedded online marketing technology to share best practices with regional/local offices and agents.

The challenge

EXIT Realty International is on a mission to make the dreams of home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents come true. To help fulfill this mission they empower brokers and agents with leading technology that helps them more efficiently buy and sell homes for their clients. EXIT’s vision was to add powerful Facebook advertising tools to its suite of world-class technologies.

To make this vision a reality, Evocalize had to unlock data from multiple data sources, ingest third-party data, and automate the creation of Facebook programs, ad creative, audiences, and best practices. Additionally, a seamlessly integrated self-service UI was needed in EXIT’s suite of tools that give agents and brokers the ability to activate Facebook programs with only a few clicks.

Real Estate

Agents and brokers


Blueprint Gallery

Best practices are shared with Brokers and Agents through Quick Start tiles (Blueprints) that appear in the embedded platform. Each blueprint contains best practices for account structure, messaging, creative, targeting, and business rules aimed at a single objective. For example, one blueprint allows agents to promote a home listing to an audience of potential home buyers. Another blueprint enables the promotion of a listing that just sold to an audience of people interested in selling their homes in the surrounding area.

Fully Automated Listings Blueprint

An Automated Listings Blueprint was created to eliminate the need for agents and brokers to manually promote each individual home listing. The blueprint allows them to set a monthly budget (example: $2,500) and set automation rules that govern how the budget is spent. For example, the rules can be set to spend $100 on newly active home listings valued between $150k and $300k and spend $150 on home listings valued between $301k and $500k. Programs can be set to run from anywhere from a few days to weeks or months. Although users on average can complete the order process to advertise a new listing in the Evocalize / EXIT system in less than three minutes, when an active agent or broker has more than a few listings even that can really add up.

Program Adoption

To ensure a successful program launch, Evocalize CEO Matthew Marx joined Jon Lim, EXIT’s Director of Innovation & Technology, and Scott Shapiro, Client Partner, Industry Relations / Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, on stage at EXIT’s annual conference. The response to attend the breakout session was overwhelming and forced the session’s location to relocate to the main stage, with over 1,500 people attending. The session was EXIT’s largest breakout session ever at the conference, and the program’s launch was among EXIT’s most successful!

The solution

Evocalize’s team of experts helped Exit to create a unique gallery of Facebook best practices (Blueprints) within their embedded online marketing technology to fulfill EXIT’s vision in a uniquely EXIT way. To enable the best possible experience, EXIT’s engineering team integrated organizational, website, CRM, and MLS data streams so the entire process of running world-class programs on Facebook was turnkey for users at all levels in their complex organization.

MLS data was used so listings automatically appeared as content within an agent’s blueprint gallery 24 hours after posting the listing to an MLS, and CRM and website data automatically built corresponding complex audiences for instant use.

9 hours per week to

9 min

per week


increase in CTR

The results

Facebook best practices were shared with 550 broker offices and more than 20,000 agents and brokers. Users of EXIT Ad Center reduced the amount of time spent managing their online marketing programs from 9 hours a week to 9 minutes!

We are spending 97% less through Facebook with the EXIT Ad Center (powered by Evocalize) than we did with another major lead generator for more contacts. We are getting higher quality leads and more of them.

Michele Bilow
Broker of Record with EXIT Central Realty in Dover, Delaware

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