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Automate new listings from your MLS

Connect your listings directly to Evocalize to empower agents to quickly launch highly personalized and effective campaigns. Display up-to-date listing data, including property details, pricing, and availability, for optimized ad performance. Automatically trigger ad launches for new listings, saving valuable time for your agents.

We take digital marketing for real estate to the next level — say goodbye to manual updates and hello to automated efficiency.

Connect your MLS directly to Evocalize to use directly when launching digital marketing paid ads
Use search attributes like price, city, and number of bedrooms to match social media ads to the right audience

Right message. Right time. Right place.

Supercharge your real estate digital marketing on Facebook with Evocalize’s dynamic ads. Seamlessly match search attributes with your listings to display highly relevant ads to potential buyers. Show the right message, at the right time, and in the right place, maximizing the impact of your advertising and driving qualified leads for your agents and brokers.

Launch one program for the listing’s lifecycle

Maximize listing exposure with a single program that covers the entire lifecycle of a listing. From “Coming Soon” to “Just Sold,” our dynamic ads adapt to each stage, saving agents time and ensuring consistent brand messaging across all channels.

Revolutionizing digital marketing for real estate by launching one campaign that covers the entire lifecycle from "Coming Soon" to "Just Sold".

Powerful digital marketing for real estate agents

Connect your listings and harness listing data for powerful automation

Streamline the ad creation process for agents with our integrated MLS listing feature. Connect your listings to Evocalize and effortlessly access listing data and images, enabling agents and brokers to select a listing and launch digital marketing with ease. Take your MLS data to the next level to automate campaigns and dynamically update ad copy.

Marketing automation: Set it and forget it

Agents and brokers can easily set customized triggers that automatically launch targeted ad programs based on specific listing events. Whether it’s a new listing above a certain price threshold or a just sold property in a specific area, automation triggers streamline the process for agents and ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

Dominate the market with hyper-localized ads

Agents can quickly drive leads, build brand awareness, and promote themselves to their own neighborhoods and cities. Our programs leverage Evocalize’s proven keyword lists and geo-modified text to reach high-intent traffic — capturing the attention of potential clients in your desired locations. Geographic farming can now be totally automated with just a few clicks!

Capture every stage of the listing lifecycle

Digital marketing for real estate agents has never been easier. From “Coming Soon” to “Just Sold,” the entire lifecycle of a listing is automated. Our dynamic templates ensure consistent brand messaging and updated copy, saving agents time and maximizing listing exposure.

Stand out and shine with personalized branding ads

Empower agents to boost their visibility and make a lasting impression with branding ads. Whether they’re promoting themselves as a top realtor or showcasing your company, our ads are designed to maximize exposure using targeted keywords. Agents can easily establish their presence, build trust, and attract more clients with compelling branding campaigns tailored to their audience.

Seamlessly attract top talent

With pre-defined messaging and on-brand programs, agents can easily launch compelling recruitment campaigns. Agents and office admins can showcase your unique selling points to the right agents who understand the value of digital marketing.


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