Welcome to the future of intelligent marketing.

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and AI marketing automation — the best AI tools for digital marketing. Empower your franchisees with AI marketing tools that will turn them each into a digital marketing powerhouse.

EVOLVE ai marketing tools

The next evolution in local digital marketing.

Real-time Program Optimization

Automatically reallocate your marketing spend in real-time to the highest performing channel.

Results Predictions

Forecast expected results based on the channel, location, and amount of spend for each program.

High-Performing Content Generation

Engage your target audience with relevant content created with generative AI that’s tailored to them.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and ai marketing automation — the best ai tools for digital marketing. AI marketing tools franchisees love

Our suite of AI marketing tools

Automatically spend where it matters most.

With Automatic Portfolio Optimization, EVOLVE reallocates your marketing spend in real-time between different channels, ensuring the highest performing channel receives the most investment.

Maximize ROI on local digital marketing spend.

Results Prediction utilizes real time data to forecast what kind of results you can expect to achieve, based on the amount of spend allocated to a program and the channel(s) on which that program will launch.

Create engaging programs that convert.

Generative AI Ad Copy generates personalized ad content that’s tailored to your target audience, ensuring that your campaigns are always engaging and relevant.

Local marketing programs that keep getting smarter.

EVOLVE’s machine learning algorithms are the most advanced on the market. They leverage real time and historical data to make critical marketing program decisions that maximize your ROI.

Real-time decisions based on data — fully automated.

Connect any data source to trigger sophisticated marketing programs that are highly automated and evolve in real time to deliver unparalleled results for your marketing spend.

Proven digital marketing success


Increase in ROI
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Increase in CTR
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Improvement in Time Spent
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Additional features

Turn any franchisee into a digital marketing pro.

Empower your franchisees to run complex local digital marketing with intelligent program templates that can be sent across multiple channels at once, in just a few clicks — on brand, and with local flavor.

Real-time local decisions based on local data.

From POS data to inventory levels, to weather and events happening nearby, any data source can automatically trigger sophisticated marketing programs that evolve in real time, optimizing results for your locations’ marketing spend.

All your channels. All your locations. All in one place.

Assess digital marketing performance across all your franchisees or dive into more detailed views with our reporting and analytics dashboard, with reporting from all your digital marketing channels conveniently centralized in one place for maximum insight and ease of use.

Connect any data source to drive real results.

Leverage your business data, third-party data, and user data to serve hyper-targeted advertising.

How to go to market

We help give your team as much or as little control as you like


Automate various ad programs to launch based on your data. Use any data to drive traffic, revenue, and loyalty.


Work with your local teams to launch and manage digital programs more efficiently and effectively than ever.


Create flexible programs your franchisees can execute on their own with a couple clicks — on brand and with local flavor.

Evocalize offers best-in-class technology that has allowed us to quickly scale our solutions to meet our customers’ robust marketing needs.

Kate Teich
VP of Product Management

Empower your franchisees with AI marketing tools that drive real results.

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