Local digital marketing for

Give your franchisees and local operators sophisticated yet simple distributed marketing tools that drive real results — no matter what industry you’re in.

Local digital marketing for any industry

Turn any franchisee into a digital marketing pro.

Empower your franchisees to run complex local digital marketing with intelligent program templates that can be sent across multiple channels at once, in just a few clicks — on brand and with local flavor.

Real-time decisions based on local location data.

From POS data to inventory levels, to weather and events happening nearby, any data source can automatically trigger sophisticated marketing programs that evolve in real time, optimizing results for your local operators’ marketing spend.

Complex listing lifecycle programs made super easy.

Connect directly to MLS data to help auto-populate complex listing lifecycle advertisements that automatically update based on listing status — from coming soon, to new listing, to under contract, to sold, we’ve got your agents and brokers covered.

Close more loans with local digital marketing

Empower loan officers and brokers to drive more qualified leads, showcase competitive rates, and seamlessly attract top talent. With intelligent audience segmentation, automated ad updates, and pre-approved branding, Evocalize streamlines your marketing efforts for maximum ROI and success.

Local advertisement at scale, with branding and compliance baked in.

Empower your mortgage brokers, branches, and wealth advisors to advertise their businesses with pre-baked sophisticated programs — on-brand and fully compliant.

Give tools to generate their own leads and referrals.

Give brokers and agents everything they need to generate new leads and gain referrals on their own with easy-to-use activate digital advertising programs.

Powerful local marketing tools for multi-location brands

Drive traffic without sacrificing margin.

Serve ads based on revenue or sales targets, inventory levels, or product mix. Too much inventory? Run a promo on that item before it goes bad. Need traffic? Run promos tied to your high-margin items.

Launch campaigns based on real time changes.

Execute marketing programs based on low traffic, new home listings, missed revenue targets, changes in weather conditions, nearby events — any data that you push into our platform. 

Big game happening nearby? Launch a daypart promo for local fans. Hot summer day? Invite customers in to cool off with a smoothie.

Right message. Right time. Right place.

Engage with customers based on intent — in the channels that they’ll most likely see your advertisements.

Local engagement customized at scale.

Drive retention and loyalty by targeting different customer segments based on how they interact with your business. Repeat customers? Send them a promotion. Need new clients? Serve new client offers to hyper local areas.

Evocalize offers best-in-class technology that has allowed us to quickly scale our solutions to meet our customers’ robust marketing needs.

Kate Teich
VP of Product Management

Empower your franchisees.
Drive real local results.

Not every franchisee on your team is a marketing pro — yet.
Let’s change that. Reach out, and we’ll show you how!