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About Local Marketing Lab

The Local Marketing Lab is a weekly podcast from Evocalize that explores innovative local marketing strategies for multi-location businesses.

Each episode features conversations with industry experts on leveraging technology to drive business growth. We cover topics like restaurant marketing, real estate marketing, harnessing data, digital advertising innovations, customer acquisition strategies, and more!

With actionable insights, the Local Marketing Lab podcast provides a wealth of tactical ideas that franchises, agencies, and brands can implement to boost local presence, engagement, and sales.

Host of the Local Marketing Lab podcast, Justin Ulrich - Headshot

Justin Ulrich

VP of Marketing at Evocalize

Meet the host

Justin is a seasoned marketing leader known for his creative expertise and innovative go-to-market strategies. With vast experience spanning both B2B and B2C landscapes, Justin has made his mark across a spectrum of industries including software, POS, restaurant, real estate, franchise, home services, telecom, and more.

Justin’s career is steeped in transformative strategies and impactful initiatives. With specialties ranging from channel marketing and brand management to demand generation, his strategic vision and execution have consistently translated into tangible results.

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