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Balance corporate control and local customization across every location. Work with our team of experts to set up Blueprints — powerful digital marketing templates with unique business logic, messaging, and audiences locked down for each franchise location to use.

Franchisees can infuse their campaigns with local flavor while staying on brand. In a couple of clicks, they can customize, fund, and launch their ad. As each Blueprint is activated, the network continuously learns and optimizes, driving even greater results and unlocking the full potential of franchise-wide marketing efforts.

Evocalize platform for franchises
Use search attributes like proximity, product, brands, etc. to match social media ads to the right audience

Right message. Right time. Right place.

Unleash the potential of precision targeting with our team of experts in digital marketing for franchises. Together, we’ll define your objectives and set up customized Blueprints with the right audiences and search keywords. In just a couple of clicks, franchisees can launch highly targeted ads with relevant messages. Whether it’s an ad to promote a new product or hire a new employee, each ad is shown to the right audience on the best channels.

Let data drive intelligent marketing

Harness the power of data to supercharge your ad campaigns and deliver hyper-targeted ads. With Evocalize, you can seamlessly connect various data sources, including business data, third-party data, and customer data. Whether it’s through APIs, CSV files, or manual inputs, our platform enables local operators to set up ads that launch automatically based on sales targets, inventory levels, revenue goals, and more. By leveraging your data, you can ensure that your ads are not only easier to manage but also more effective in driving revenue, a higher ROI, and a better customer experience.

Monthly sales data used to push a Facebook ad

Powerful marketing franchisees can launch for big, local impact

Nurturing loyalty has never been easier

Elevate your customer loyalty program with dynamic and effective ads that keep your customers coming back for more. Connect customer data from in-store visits, website interactions, and app usage. Franchisees can then create highly-targeted ads that reward and engage their most loyal patrons.

Streamline the hiring process

Effortlessly attract top talent with recruitment campaigns. Franchisees can identify coverage gaps and automatically trigger targeted ads to fill those positions. Depending on your audience, the corporate marketing team can designate which channels are best — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Google.

Stay ahead of the forecast and drive customers through your doors

Harness the power of digital marketing for franchises with automated weather-based targeting. Whether it’s scorching hot or bone-chillingly cold, our platform dynamically adapts ads to the impending changes in weather conditions and temperature for each franchisee’s location.

Strategic digital marketing for every occasion

Tap into the pulse of social and news trends with Evocalize’s dynamic ad templates. Franchisees can seamlessly align their location’s promotions with topics and events in their area. Whether it’s a rock concert nearby or a local community event, serve timely and relevant ads in just a few clicks.

Personalized promotions for every customer

Leverage your CRM or CDP data to serve highly tailored digital ads that resonate with specific customer segments. From complimentary services for specific audiences to promotions for existing customers, empower every franchisee to deliver personalized experiences that drive customer retention and foster loyalty.

Optimize inventory and boost sales

Utilize our dynamic ad templates that connect seamlessly with your inventory data, allowing franchisees to promote items with excess stock and drive customer engagement. With integrated Point-of-Sale data, you can make data-driven decisions on what’s selling and create compelling ads that capture your customers’ attention.

If inventory on a certain item is too high, the weather shifts, or sales need a boost, local ad programs can be triggered on the right channels to ensure each location is connecting with local customers in the right places and hitting their sales goals.

Shannon Gewinner
VP of Brand Marketing at Smoothie King

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