Success Story dramatically improves ad performance with Evocalize Managed Services for local digital marketing

Evocalize managed services for local digital marketing:

When it comes to digital ads, nailing it means getting super precise and making sure it’s locally relevant. And that’s where Evocalize’s impressive Managed Services for local digital marketing steps in. Here’s how, a prominent player in the real estate industry, teamed up with Evocalize to redefine their digital advertising strategies.

Discover how Evocalize transformed’s approach — a peek into the incredible boost Evocalize can bring.

The challenge, an established partner of Evocalize, sought to further optimize their existing ad campaigns. While they had a strong foundation with clear brand guidelines and program objectives, they identified a need for enhanced creative input to maximize the potential of their digital ads. This initiative represented an opportunity for Evocalize to provide added value to an existing partnership.

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Evocalize Managed Services

The Evocalize approach

Brand alignment

Our first step was to delve deep into’s brand design, ensuring our creative solutions would align seamlessly with their established identity.

Creative overhaul

We shifted from advising to doing. Our team took the reins in developing fresh, compelling ad creatives and messaging, tailored to resonate with’s diverse audience.

Comprehensive testing

Recognizing the varied nature of the Meta audience (Facebook/Instagram), we conducted extensive testing across different segments, fine-tuning our approach based on ads that performed the best.

Driving success with measurable results

The impact was significant and immediate. The ads crafted by Evocalize outperformed’s standard creative benchmarks:

  • 20% increase in Matched Rate: Demonstrating improved targeting accuracy.
  • 43% increase in ROAS: Indicating a more efficient utilization of ad spend.
  • 84% increase in CVR: Highlighting the effectiveness in driving user action.
  • 34% decrease in CPL: Ensuring a greater return on each marketing investment.


increase in CVR


decrease in CPL

Future vision and support

This project was just the beginning of an ongoing journey.

Curating a visual success library: Evocalize aims to equip with a repository of high-performing, templatized creatives tailored for localized impact.

Empowering autonomous excellence:’s creative team is being empowered to maintain and evolve these high standards independently.

Streamlined deployments for local precision: Evocalize envisions quicker ad deployments, ensuring consistent, elevated performance in localized campaigns.

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