Success Story

A real estate portal automates 25,000 localized Facebook campaigns to achieve a 400% increase in ROI

(The organization name is withheld since Evocalize
was embedded directly into the partner’s system.)

The challenge

In keeping with their “Real Estate in Real Time” promise, a leading real estate portal came to Evocalize looking for help using Facebook to bring the most up-to-date listings right to buyers expressing interest in similar homes.

The goal was to help the portal go beyond its customer promise and best serve its customers by giving them the earliest access to listings and reducing their fear of missing out on the home of their dreams.

Real Estate

Congruently running campaigns


Identify Attributes

The real estate portal identified attributes people were searching for on its website when looking for a home. This included attributes like school ratings, neighborhood, price, bedrooms, and house size.

Rank New Listings

Next, the real estate portal used these attributes to compile a constantly updated list of new listings that were ranked to best fit their customers’ needs. From that list, they also identified what information would be most impactful for their Facebook ads. For example, important details like the home price, description, and images would dynamically pull into a Facebook ad in real time.

Set Up Bids & Budgets

Together with Evocalize, the real estate portal set up and optimized granular bids and budgets for its agents and brokers. That way, an agent could publish a campaign and maximize profitability based on the characteristics of each listing.

The solution

With these three items in place, a newly listed home would appear on Facebook to an interested buyer as a dynamic ad.

The real estate portal better understood what their website visitors were looking for and could now proactively show listings on Facebook. This resulted in more leads and increased ROI for agents and brokers.




increase in ROI

The results

The real estate portal turned its customer promise into profitable marketing campaigns. Not only did more potential homebuyers find their dream home, but Evocalize also helped the portal focus on the marginal ROI per listing to make their campaigns more profitable.

Evocalize has been an amazing partner. Their technology and expertise have enabled us to quickly scale our ability to serve highly relevant ads to our audience. As a result, we’ve seen performance metrics increase by 400%.

Senior Director of Performance Marketing

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