Evocalize adds Google Display Network (GDN) to embedded digital marketing infrastructure

November 30, 2020

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When it comes to digital marketing, the complexities of our data first world leave local businesses at an extreme disadvantage compared to their larger and more sophisticated national competitors. As the internet moves towards a cookieless future this disadvantage will only grow larger. 

At Evocalize, we aim to level the playing field by making the same sophisticated digital marketing programs used by top national brands simple and accessible for local businesses. To do this, we partner with companies who are rich with first-party data, such as CRMs, Portals, Marketplaces, and Multi-location brands to provide users with embedded digital advertising tools driven by data. We enable our partners to share audiences, best practices, messaging, creative and co-op budgets with users and local offices through a button click simple self-service UI.

Across our partners, we have fulfilled our mission to help local businesses by running over 650,000 local digital marketing programs, these programs have generated more than 8,000,000 leads for local businesses. On average, local businesses that use our tools experience a 400% increase in performance, while saving hours each week. 

We are proud to announce that we have added Google’s powerful display network (GDN) to our embedded digital marketing infrastructure! This addition will allow our partners to enable users with digital marketing programs that utilize the performance, power, and reach of GDN. Additionally, the ease and flexibility of our infrastructure will allow our partners to use their first-party data to launch world-class digital marketing products for their users using GDN in just weeks.

Here are a few benefits that the addition of GDN brings to Evocalize’s Embedded Digital Marketing Infrastructure

  • Dynamic Ads: By combining our partners’ first-party data with data from contextual user inputs, Evocalize technology allows users to automatically create dynamic ads that match all needed formats on GDN in seconds. These ads include high-performing formats such as video, image, text, and mobile.
  • Reach: GDN reaches 90% of global internet users across more than 2,000,000 websites, including websites like YouTube and Gmail. Evocalize technology localizes GDN’s massive audience to allow local businesses to expand their reach to audiences in their local market across websites that they use.
  • Prospecting and Remarketing: Evocalize technology automatically creates audiences on GDN for local businesses using their first-party data. Using signals from customer data, we build audiences that generate high-quality leads and build brand awareness programs.
  • GDN Automation Rules: Evocalize’s automation program allows users to define automation rules to determine what inventory items are promoted. For example, a real estate broker can set up a rule to spend $100 on all active home listings priced between $250,000 and $400,000 within a certain city. Every time the agent receives new listings matching these criteria, it will automatically create a campaign to promote the listing on GDN.

If your 2021 road map includes expanding into the digital ads business, or if you’d like to help enable local offices with sophisticated data-driven programs using GDN, contact us today!

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