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November 28, 2023
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Scaling up franchise advertising just got easier

Did you know nearly 50% of all searches on Google are looking for local information? If you lead marketing for a multi-location franchise, it’s important for your customers to find your business at the right time and at the right place. But how do you start? It’s challenging to run effective digital advertising campaigns across all your locations while keeping costs down and protecting your brand. It’s no easy feat when each individual franchisee wants flexibility with their marketing yet you still need consistency and control from HQ.

What if you could empower your local operators to tap into sophisticated, high-converting ads while automatically maintaining brand safety and optimizing performance and spend across your whole franchise network? Well, now you can.

Introducing next-generation franchise advertising automation that leverages best-in-class creative templates, guardrails to ensure compliance, and real-time performance optimization to help your locations drive more traffic, sales, and ROI without breaking the bank or damaging your brand reputation along the way.

This revolutionary approach provides local operators with push-button ads pre-loaded with your brand assets and messaging that convert, while allowing customization to give locations more relevance with their customers. And with AI automatically adjusting bids and budgets across all your franchise locations simultaneously, you maximize marketing impact and minimize waste.

The result? A scalable, automated franchise advertising solution that empowers your local operators while ensuring on-brand consistency, driving performance through advanced optimization, providing insight through analytics, and saving time through efficiency. Franchise marketing success made simple.

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Evocalize automated ad campaigns

The power of automated ad campaigns

Automating your franchise advertising provides a multitude of advantages that save time, ensure brand consistency, and boost performance across all locations. Here’s an overview:

Save time with push-button templates
Tired of building new ad creatives and assets for every marketing campaign? With automation, your locations simply select a pre-made, high-converting template complete with your brand visuals and messaging to kickstart their ad creation quickly and consistently.

Ensure brand standards through customization guardrails
Want to let your local operators showcase their own flair while protecting your brand? Automated tools allow customizing parts of templates to add personalized offers, location imagery, and contact info while restricting changes to logos, fonts, and other branding.

Leverage AI to continually optimize campaigns
Trying to manually optimize hundreds of location campaigns is nearly impossible. Automation dynamically manages budgets across your whole network through machine learning, shifting spend towards better-performing locations and assets for maximum ROI.

Automated franchise advertising eliminates the typical headaches of multi-location marketing. Franchisees access proven top-converting ad templates and customize them in just minutes while automation in the background governs brand safety, optimizes for performance, and provides insight on results. It’s today’s smartest way to scale localized marketing rapidly and efficiently.

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Customizing campaigns for each location

Blanket advertising misses out on the localized nature of a multi-location franchise. Your customers in each region have unique tastes, respond better to different offers and imagery, and more.

Automated franchise advertising allows customizing your templated campaigns to make sure locations can personalize ads specifically for higher relevancy and performance in their area.

franchise advertising across multiple locations

Location targeting drives better results
Micro-targeting each location’s ads to only show for people in their geography improves click-through rates and conversion by serving more relevant content. Store addresses can automatically geo-target ads as well.

Local imagery and offers resonate more
While logo and branding remain locked, locations can swap out imagery to showcase their own storefront, products, and staff. Dynamic custom fields also allow plugging in special location-specific sales or events for better local engagement.

Integration with local business profiles
Connecting your localized ads directly to each location’s social media business profile (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) helps drive brand consistency across channels and surfaces deeper information on each franchise to customers.

With customization capabilities like these and more, even nationally templated ad campaigns can feel tailored for each community your franchise serves. This drives greater local affinity and business results for individual locations while preserving your core branding and messaging. Franchise advertising automation at its finest.

Optimizing spend across the franchise

One of the hardest parts of managing enterprise ad campaigns is allocating budget and adjusting bids. Doing this manually across hundreds of locations with any sophistication is impossible. Automated franchise advertising handles optimizing spend dynamically across your entire network.

budget allocation across digital marketing channels

Allocate budgets based on performance
The system can shift budgets automatically to provide higher funding for better-performing locations and campaigns. Budgets can be distributed based on scheduled pacing or by leveraging AI to respond to real-time performance.

Adjust bids with network-level learning
Typically bids have to be tuned individually per campaign. But with collective intelligence across all localized campaigns, the automation can recognize patterns and adjust bids across your whole portfolio to drive more conversions at lower costs.

Reduce costs through shared resources
Centrally managed shared creative assets, target audiences, and other features used by the entire network significantly reduces costs compared to each location buying these resources individually.

Sophisticated multi-touch attribution, pace forecasting, and machine learning optimization eliminates wasted ad spend and makes sure every digital marketing dollar across your franchise contributes to your brand’s bottom line. Automation allows optimization at a scale impossible through traditional methods.

Compliance at scale

Maintaining brand standards at scale is crucial for franchise networks. However, efficiently governing hundreds of localized ad campaigns is tedious and time-consuming without automation.

Automated franchise advertising allows setting central compliance guardrails that enable customization while restricting unwanted variation.

lock down branding for paid digital marketing

Lock down logos and messaging
Corporate marketing can pre-determine and lock nationally mandated logos, taglines, website links, captions, and other branding and messaging so it remains uniform.

Curate and provide approved imagery
HQ can set guidelines on image types and upload an approved, on-brand media library of photos, graphics, and videos for local operators to use in their customized ads.

Allow controlled points of customization
While locking key branding assets, corporate can enable custom fields for locations to input local promos, welcome offers, employee names, and other regionalized content that resonates in their neighborhood.

With settings like these, franchises achieve national brand consistency while allowing local owners to spotlight what’s unique about their outlet. With no coding or complex setup required, ensuring compliance at scale is simple.

Performance analytics and insights

Monitoring the collective performance of hundreds of localized ad campaigns is tricky without unified reporting. Evocalize provides franchise-wide analytics to drill down on location insights.

performance and reporting data for digital marketing

Holistic and centralized reporting
Assess total franchise performance or dive into individual location results with roll-up dashboards tracking multi-channel data like impressions, clicks, conversions, and attributed sales.

Uncover optimization opportunities
Leverage built-in integrations to combine first-party franchise data, platform analytics, and external signals to uncover trends and opportunities for better ads and spend allocation.

Benchmark locations
Compare engagement metrics and ROI across locations to spread best practices from overperforming franchises, optimize poorer ones, and set network benchmarks.

With comprehensive and actionable analytics, corporate teams understand both broad and detailed performance to strategize improvements for the entire network or specific regions. One-click reports and charts make accessing key insights simple without analyst resources.

Automate franchise advertising the smart way

Localized digital advertising presents a tricky balancing act for large franchises trying to empower regional marketing initiatives while protecting the master brand. Managing such a complex coordination manually wastes effort and fails to unlock each location’s potential.

Evocalize offers a next-generation automation solution purpose-built to handle distributed franchise advertising at scale. Our combination of flexible and controlled campaign personalization, built-in compliance guardrails, AI-optimization across locations, and unified performance analytics gives corporate and local teams the best of both worlds.
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