Why local marketing is important

October 31, 2023

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Local marketing has become essential for multi-location businesses looking to effectively connect with customers and drive sales. But what exactly is local marketing, and what are the reasons why local marketing is important?

In short, local marketing is advertising and outreach targeted to a specific geographical area, city, or neighborhood. This allows businesses to deliver hyper-relevant messaging to nearby audiences. As consumers increasingly search for and engage with local businesses online, local marketing provides the visibility and personalization needed to turn web traffic into in-store customers.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why local marketing is important and how it delivers results for your business.

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Local marketing drives foot traffic and sales

One of the biggest benefits of local marketing is its ability to drive foot traffic and sales for physical business locations. 88% of smartphone users who search for a local business call or visit within 24 hours. 

With local ads and outreach, you can make sure your business appears when nearby customers are actively searching for your products or services. Targeted offers and messaging inspire consumers to not just find you, but take action.

For example, a localized ad campaign for a restaurant chain promoting a limited-time offer at specific city branches could attract many eager, deal-seeking customers. Location-based push notifications reminding customers your store is nearby and open could also help generate drop-in business.

Additionally, as local mobile searches continue to rise, local marketing provides the visibility and seamless customer experience consumers expect. Businesses who optimize listings and ads to connect with prospects on-the-go will have the advantage.

In the end, strategic local marketing generates qualified leads precisely when and where they are primed to make a purchase. This is an invaluable strategy for driving tangible ROI through foot traffic and sales.

It builds brand awareness and affinity

Local marketing also plays a crucial role in building consistent brand awareness and affinity over time. Targeted local campaigns allow multi-location businesses to strengthen recognition and connect on a deeper level within communities.

4 out of 5 people expect digital ads to be customized to their city, zip or immediate surroundings. Localized messaging resonates more than generic, nationwide branding. When customers feel understood and catered to, they are more likely to engage with and develop loyalty for your brand.

Providing positive in-store experiences after attracting customers is equally important. Local marketing drives the initial discovery and interest, while customer service and satisfaction build an emotional connection to your business.

With strong awareness and affinity at the local level, multi-location brands can thrive for the long-term — this is why local marketing is important.

It reinforces your local presence

Maintaining an accurate and consistent local presence across directories, review sites, and listings is another key reason why local marketing is important.

When customers search for your business name on Google or public profiles, you need to reinforce your physical location and offerings. This includes posting your updated hours, products/services, contact info, and location attributes across all platforms.

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Optimizing your Google My Business listing is one of the most impactful ways to reinforce your local presence. With 56% of smartphone searches having local intent, ranking highly increases your discoverability and visibility when it matters most.

Consistency on business directories like Yelp and niche review platforms relevant to your industry also helps customers find and learn about your local branches.

It allows personalization and localization

One of the most valuable aspects of local marketing is the ability to personalize messaging and offers by location. Tailoring your outreach resonates more with audiences than a one-size-fits-all corporate approach.

For example, a national gym chain can launch localized promotions based on area demographics and competitors. A location targeting college students may highlight no signup fees, while a branch competing with luxury gyms can focus on superior equipment and amenities.

Why local marketing is important: personalized ads

Localization also applies to adjusting ad creative, landing pages, and more based on what makes each area unique. Calling out beloved neighborhood spots and local traditions makes your business feel like a natural part of the community.

This hyper-personalized marketing reinforces relevance and strengthens customer relationships. Consumers are more likely to frequent businesses that understand and cater to their local area. That meaningful connection is a key reason why local marketing is important today.

It gives small businesses an edge

While large brands rely on broad name recognition and scale, small businesses can excel through smart local marketing. Owners have the advantage of building close customer relationships within their neighborhoods.

Hyper-targeted digital ads, sponsoring local events, partnering with community leaders, and more can help make a small business a go-to fixture. Educational social media content and reviews also boost visibility and trust.

Small businesses that leverage flexibility and specialization can effectively compete with bigger brands on a local level. By becoming community hubs, they gain customer loyalty that delivers repeat business. This is why local marketing is important and especially beneficial for smaller operations.

Why local marketing is important for local operators like you

Implementing a solid local marketing strategy is no longer optional for multi-location businesses – it’s essential. As we’ve explored, localized advertising and outreach drive tangible ROI by boosting foot traffic, sales, and brand affinity within communities.

For large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations, managing effective local marketing at scale can certainly be a challenge. From personalized ad campaigns to optimizing Google Business profiles, the complexity can be overwhelming.

That’s where Evocalize comes in. Evocalize offers an intelligent platform built to simplify local marketing for franchise businesses and enterprises. With sophisticated automation, AI-powered copywriting, and multi-channel campaign management, Evocalize enables brands to deliver targeted local marketing programs at scale.

Evocalize platform multichannel

Stop struggling with DIY attempts and piecemeal solutions. Empower your local operators and unlock the full potential of localized marketing with Evocalize. Schedule a strategy call to learn how our innovative technology can help your business connect with customers on a hyper-local level and drive results. Local marketing success is within reach.

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