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HousingWire annual takeaways: Technology’s promise for the mortgage and real estate industries

November 4, 2021
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Technology has a larger role to play in the mortgage and real estate industries was an oft repeated refrain we heard while attending both HousingWire’s in-person event in September and again during their virtual summit last week. As anyone in the mortgage and real estate worlds can tell you, buying/selling a home and getting or refinancing a mortgage are complicated, multi-step processes, involving multiple parties, exchanging and verifying data, and signing a plethora of legal documents. There are huge opportunities for technological streamlining!

We’re excited to share some of our key takeaways from HousingWire Annual, on how emerging tech can be the silver bullet to solve inefficiencies and speed up processes while removing opportunities for error.

Consumers are more comfortable with digital transactions.

Consumers have become more comfortable transacting and sharing information digitally. This trend toward digital fluency began before the pandemic, but has accelerated as people have been forced to become proficient at interacting remotely because of the pandemic.

More people have required data elements available electronically, like a tax return or bank statement. We’ve also seen an increasing number of businesses, both big and small, who have focused on building solutions that remove traditional pain points through the use of technology.

The increased use of technology in real estate and mortgage can also help expand home ownership for groups who have traditionally been disadvantaged by existing processes.

Technology makes a complicated process easier, more efficient, and more secure.

The right tech solutions can easily transfer and verify data, not to mention remove the mountains of paperwork that have traditionally needed to be signed in ink, in the physical presence of a notary. This increases security and privacy and decreases opportunities for errors.

For loan officers, brokers, and agents, the right marketing technology cracks open a huge opportunity to drive business and create lasting relationships.

We were thrilled to have the chance to live demo the power of Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform on the main stage and appreciated the good conversations with everyone who came up to us after the demo. Effective digital marketing drives real business results and revenue for loan officers, brokers and agents.

Implementing the right technology benefits all parties involved, saving time and money while improving security and reducing errors and ultimately leading to a better customer experience. Thanks to HousingWire for the chance to talk tech and collaborative marketing in the housing world!

If you weren’t able to attend HousingWire Annual or missed our demo while there, watch Spencer Smith, Evocalize’s VP of Marketing demo some of our capabilities and do a quick Q&A with Allison LaForgia of HousingWire.

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