Seattle startups: Evocalize’s recognition in the GeekWire 200

January 31, 2024

Exciting news is buzzing through the tech corridors of the Pacific Northwest, and we at Evocalize are thrilled to be at the heart of it! We’re proud to announce that Evocalize has been recognized in the GeekWire 200, a testament to our impact and growth in the bustling world of Seattle startups.

Evocalize, a trailblazer in revolutionizing local marketing, has made a mark by empowering multi-location businesses with our cutting-edge digital marketing platform. Our technology enables users, even those without marketing expertise, to easily create, manage, and optimize tailored digital marketing campaigns. This recognition is a validation of our mission to simplify and enhance digital marketing across various industries.

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What is the GeekWire 200?

The GeekWire 200 is a list that highlights the most promising and fast-growing tech companies in the Pacific Northwest region. This quarterly ranking uses a range of public data to identify and showcase the region’s fast-growing startups. It’s a barometer of success and potential in one of the country’s most vibrant tech landscapes.

While the GeekWire 200 isn’t a scientific ranking, it’s a valuable resource for job seekers, investors, potential customers, and anyone keen to understand the pulse of Seattle startups and tech community. Companies that make it to this list are recognized for their growth, impact, and the promise they hold in shaping the future of technology and innovation.

AI technology in Seattle startups

The rise of AI among Seattle startups

As GeekWire noted, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become integral to this new wave of leading Pacific Northwest startups. AI is driving major innovations across industries, powering advances in areas like personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, computer vision, speech recognition, and more. Ultimately, these AI-fueled solutions help create better, smarter, and more customized user experiences.

Here at Evocalize, AI and machine learning are at the core of how we optimize local digital marketing campaigns. Our platform leverages AI to set optimal budgets and bidding strategies to maximize campaign performance for our customers. And our machine learning models become continually smarter by analyzing data and campaign outcomes across our entire network of multi-location brands. This means the platform doesn’t just benefit any one advertiser, but shares insights across our customer base to raise the bar for the success of localized marketing.

AI and machine learning on Evocalize's platform for multi-channel marketing

Read more about our announcement with AI here.

Our mission to democratize local marketing

As one of the shining stars in this index, Evocalize stands alongside other remarkable Seattle startups that are redefining their respective industries. Being part of the GeekWire 200 is a reflection of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to driving the digital marketing revolution forward.

This recognition fuels our passion to continue innovating and delivering solutions that empower businesses and enrich the tech community we are so proud to be a part of.

If you want to learn more about how Evocalize’s award-winning platform is transforming local digital marketing, schedule a demo to see our proven solutions in action. Our team will show you how our set-it-and-forget-it ad templates, AI optimization, and easy-to-use tools are helping multi-location brands manage marketing at scale while enabling local owners to customize messaging for their community.

Let us help take the complexity out of local digital marketing so you can focus on what matters most — driving traffic, boosting visibility, and growing your business.

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About Evocalize

Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform is used by multi-location brands, technology platforms (like CRMs), and online marketplaces to equip their locations, agents, and users at scale with sophisticated, push-button easy digital marketing that drives real business results and revenue. Evocalize is a Meta Business Partner and a Google Business Partner. Evocalize’s technology supports businesses across industries, including real estate, mortgage, insurance, financial services, restaurants, franchises, travel, and more. Over 1,500,000+ sophisticated digital marketing programs have been run using Evocalize technology, generating millions of leads, and leading to thousands of transactions to date. Evocalize is backed by Madrona Venture Group, Move, Inc., Second Century Ventures, and Habanero Ventures. For more information, visit