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Evocalize Unveils New Localized Marketing Capabilities with Generative AI

May 11, 2023

Austin, TX, May 11, 2023 — Evocalize, the provider of industry-leading technology that powers many of the largest, most effective cross-channel digital marketing solutions, proudly announces the addition of Generative AI Ad Copy to EVOLVE — its cutting-edge suite of intelligent marketing capabilities.

This new capability leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to not only help generate headlines and ad copy, but also to provide users with the unique ability to tailor their ad copy to different styles and tones of voice. This results in even higher performing copy that resonates with diverse target audiences, further optimizing engagement and conversion rates.

“We understand that the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and franchises need agile, adaptable, and sophisticated tools to stay ahead of the curve,” says Matthew Marx, CEO of Evocalize. “Our generative AI capabilities give franchisees the ability to quickly tailor their marketing programs to their local customers and prospects without needing to become marketing experts to write compelling messaging. EVOLVE generative AI is your data-driven local marketing expert.”

EVOLVE’s advanced AI makes it push-button simple for franchisees and local operators to generate high-performing marketing programs that align with their unique business goals, regardless of their level of digital marketing expertise. This new feature allows users to choose from a range of styles and tones of voice, and near-instantly generate ad copy that resonates with their specific local audience. This helps users save a significant amount of time in the creation of new local marketing programs, while increasing engagement and conversion rates — all within brand guidelines.

This advanced capability is designed to revolutionize the way businesses are able to create and execute highly personalized and targeted marketing programs with unprecedented ease and effectiveness. With the introduction of these new EVOLVE capabilities, Evocalize reaffirms its dedication to revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape with powerful, intelligent, and user-friendly tools that drive maximum ROI for businesses of all kinds.

More information on Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform and its EVOLVE suite of intelligent marketing capabilities.

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