Evocalize included in Facebook’s top provider initiative for real estate

March 8, 2021

MARCH 08, 2021 – SEATTLE – Evocalize, a Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP) provider, today announced its inclusion in Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative for Real Estate. The new Initiative is an effort to provide real estate agents, brokers, and property management companies with best-in-class tools from third-party providers.

For real estate organizations looking to execute sophisticated advertising across Facebook and Instagram platforms with a third party, the choices can be overwhelming. According to Facebook’s Initiative Guide, “We want to help you make that choice with confidence by highlighting which companies have adopted what we have learned to be best practices for local real estate advertising over the years. When you see this list, you can trust that our team works closely with these firms, validating their solutions, all with you and your business growth in mind.”

Notably, over 40% of the organizations included in the Initiative are actively using Evocalize’s platform to offer real estate brokers, agents, and teams Facebook Advertising best practices. In 2020, Evocalize’s technology helped its clients generate over a million leads and deliver over one billion ad impressions for real estate organizations advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Evocalize’s CMP: Making Collaborative Marketing Possible at Scale

Real estate’s leading brokerages, marketplaces, website providers, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions use Evocalize’s CMP to enable agents, brokers, and teams to activate sophisticated paid digital marketing programs at scale.

For real estate brokerages, marketplaces, and CRM providers, Evocalize helps them:

  • Improve lead quality by sending downstream funnel metrics, like home showings and offers, back to Facebook to continually optimize programs for high quality leads
  • Share audience data, creative, messaging, and co-op budgets with agents, brokers, and teams at scale, while maintaining legal and brand compliance
  • Have flexibility and control over programs to create best practice galleries that are unique to their organizations
  • Offer users a seamless experience by embedding simple-to-use paid media tools into their existing technology products
  • Receive end-to-end reporting on program activation, performance, usage, and co-op spending

For local agents, brokers, and teams, the platform allows them to:

  • Reduce the weekly time spent executing Facebook and Instagram marketing from hours to minutes
  • Activate high-performing programs that generate results 400% greater than programs executed on their own
  • Access simple programs that promote listings through their entire lifecycle, generate and re-engage leads, generate awareness, and recruit agents
  • Set automated filter-based rules (for example, city, price, type, etc.) to automatically activate programs as soon as listings are added to their brokerage or MLS
  • Receive reporting and insights to optimize programs

The Evocalize platform can be implemented as a standalone solution, or seamlessly integrated within an existing product, either using embedded, white-labeled user interfaces (UIs) or by building UIs with Evocalize’s developer tools.

Matthew Marx, Evocalize’s CEO, said, “Facebook has been an invaluable partner of Evocalize since 2016 and we are honored to be included in its Top Provider Initiative. This is a testament to our team’s innovation and dedication in developing a world-class technology platform that serves the real estate industry and its need for collaborative marketing programs that drive real results.”

Marx continued, “Inclusion in this initiative is an excellent example of how our trusted solution has helped the real estate industry grow. It also demonstrates the potential for the power of collaborative marketing to transform industries beyond real estate, such as banking, insurance, retail, and ecommerce. The future of marketing is collaborative.”

Across industries, Evocalize’s clients have used its platform to execute more than 750,000 local marketing programs. This has helped businesses generate more than 8.5 million leads since 2015.


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About Evocalize

Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform is used by multi-location brands, technology platforms (like CRMs), and online marketplaces to equip their locations, agents, and users at scale with sophisticated, push-button easy digital marketing that drives real business results and revenue. Evocalize is a Meta Business Partner and a Google Business Partner. Evocalize’s technology supports businesses across industries, including real estate, mortgage, insurance, financial services, restaurants, franchises, travel, and more. Over 1,500,000+ sophisticated digital marketing programs have been run using Evocalize technology, generating millions of leads, and leading to thousands of transactions to date. Evocalize is backed by Madrona Venture Group, Move, Inc., Second Century Ventures, and Habanero Ventures. For more information, visit evocalize.com.