Local SEO for mortgage brokers: Boost online visibility across locations

September 7, 2023

In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. But for multi-location mortgage brokers, dominating local search results is an absolute must. With 46% of Google searches having local intent, and 88% of those local searches leading to conversions, local SEO for mortgage brokers is the secret sauce to success in the competitive mortgage industry.

This blog post will highlight just how vital local SEO is for mortgage brokers with multiple branches across different cities and states. We’ll explore core local SEO strategies tailored specifically for driving more traffic, leads, and sales to every one of your locations. From keyword research to optimizing Google My Business listings, you’ll discover actionable tips for boosting your local online visibility.

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Understanding local SEO – The secret sauce to mortgage success

First things first, what’s this “Local SEO” buzz all about? Well, it’s like this: Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of making sure your mortgage brokerage shows up when potential clients nearby whip out their phones and say, “Hey Siri, find me a mortgage lender!” 

Now, why should you, as a multi-location mortgage brokerage bigwig, care about local SEO? Well, let’s break it down.

The core principles of local SEO

Local SEO hinges on a few core principles. One is, of course, using the right keywords (oh, hello there, “local SEO for mortgage” 😉) that folks around your branches might type into Google when they’re house-hunting.

Another is making sure all your online info is consistent across the web. Think of it as dressing your business up in its Sunday best, every day of the week. No one likes a wrinkled suit, right?

Lastly, you need to get your name out on the web. You need to show Google that you’re the real deal. You do that by getting other websites to reference your content or website. These nods are called backlinks.

Why local SEO for mortgage is a game-changer

Okay, here’s where it gets exciting. Picture this: You’ve got multiple branches of your mortgage business spread across different cities or even states. Local SEO ensures that when someone in your local area searches for “mortgage brokers near me” or “best mortgage rates in [City Name],” your branches pop up right on their screens. 

That’s the magic of local SEO for mortgage. You’re essentially saying, “Hey, we’re right here in your neighborhood, ready to make your homeownership dreams come true!”

Keyword research and targeting – Unlocking the mortgage matrix

So, why are keywords such a big deal in this local SEO game? Well, it’s simple. Keywords are like the secret handshake between your mortgage brokerage and the all-knowing Google. They’re the words or phrases folks tap into search engines when they’re on the prowl for a mortgage broker, like you!

For instance, when someone in Atlanta types “best mortgage rates in Atlanta,” that’s a golden keyword right there. It’s your ticket to showing up on their search results and potentially sealing the deal.

The art of keyword research

Now, the key to this treasure hunt is research, and it’s a bit like being Sherlock Holmes but with a keyboard. When doing local SEO for mortgage, you want to research keywords that are not just popular but also relevant to your branches.

Start by brainstorming. What terms would someone type when they’re looking for mortgage services in your areas? Think of phrases like “mortgage brokers in [City Name],” “home loan lenders near me,” or even “local mortgage experts.”

While you’re on your keyword hunt, don’t forget about the underdogs, the long-tail keywords. These are more specific phrases that are usually longer in length. 

For example, think of “low down payment mortgage options in [City Name]” or “how to qualify for a mortgage with bad credit in [City Name].” These long-tail keywords cater to folks who are deep into the mortgage research game. If your branch has solutions for these inquiries, you want to be there when they search.

So, how do you do this research?

Glad you asked! You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or even freebies like Google Trends to explore what’s trending in your areas. These tools will give you the inside scoop on what phrases are heating up in the mortgage world.

Once you’ve got your list of keywords, it’s time to sprinkle them throughout your website, especially in key places like your titles, meta descriptions, and in your content. This helps Google connect the dots and say, “Yep, this mortgage brokerage means business in these locations!”

Optimize Google My Business (GMB) listings

Google My Business is an absolute must for your mortgage branches. It’s like having a lighthouse that guides potential clients straight to your doorstep. If your locations are all in Google My Business, you get:

  • Visibility on Google Maps: When someone searches for a mortgage broker in your area (remember, local SEO for mortgage!), Google Maps is often their first stop. Your well-optimized GMB listing can help you shine on this virtual cartographic wonder.
  • Trust and credibility: A robust GMB profile screams trustworthiness. When folks see detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information about your mortgage services, they’re more likely to trust you.

Tips for managing your GMB listing for multiple locations

Step 1: Claim and verify
First things first, claim and verify each branch’s GMB listing. Google needs to know you’re the real deal. They’ll send you a postcard with a verification code, so keep an eye on that mailbox!

Step 2: Complete all business information
Your GMB listing is like a business card. Fill out every detail. Your branch’s name, address, phone number, and website should be spot-on and consistent across all listings. In the world of local SEO for mortgage, consistency is number one.

Step 3: Categories and attributes
Select the right category for your mortgage branch. Add attributes like “Veteran-led” or “Women-owned” if they apply. These details help Google understand your services better, especially when folks use those specific filters in their searches.

Step 4: Stunning visuals
A picture paints a thousand words, right? Upload high-quality images of your branches. Think exterior and interior shots, team photos, and pictures of satisfied clients. Visual content goes a long way in the local SEO for mortgage game.

Step 5: Reviews and Q&A
Encourage your clients to leave reviews. Respond to them promptly, addressing both praise and concerns. Also, actively manage the Q&A section to provide quick answers to potential clients’ queries.

Step 6: Posts and updates
Use the GMB post feature to share updates, offers, and events for each branch. This keeps your listing fresh and shows clients that you’re active and engaged.

Step 7: Monitor and adjust
Keep an eagle eye on your GMB insights. These nifty stats will tell you how your listing is performing. Are people finding you on Google Maps? Are they clicking for directions? Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Localized content creation – Crafting mortgages with local flair

In the ever-evolving seas of local SEO for mortgage, crafting localized content is your compass. It guides clients to your branches while building trust and boosting your SEO. Here’s why you need to make localized content::

  • Connect with your audience: People crave connection, especially in the financial realm. When you create content that speaks directly to the folks in your area, you’re building meaningful relationships.
  • Boost SEO: Google loves fresh, location-specific content. It’s like giving the search engine a treasure map to find your branch. Every new piece of content is a shiny X marking the spot.

Content ideas for mortgage locations

Location-specific blog posts: Write articles about mortgage trends, real estate insights, or even community events specific to each branch. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some local flavor, like mentioning popular neighborhood hangouts.

Client testimonials: Showcase stories of happy homeowners in each area. These testimonials are like glittering jewels of trust in the local SEO for mortgage realm.

Community involvement: Share your branch’s involvement in local charity events, sponsorships, or partnerships. Show your commitment to the community, and your clients will love you for it. 

Educational webinars: Host webinars or online workshops tailored to the financial needs of each area. Share valuable insights and create connections.

Paid digital ads: Launch location-specific ads on social media, Google, YouTube, and more. This is where Evocalize comes in. Each branch can log in and access brand-approved blueprints where they can personalize to their location. In just a few clicks, an ad can be seamlessly pushed to multiple channels with powerful optimization and digital marketing best practices built in. Learn more how Evocalize helps mortgages here

Maintaining brand consistency across locations

Now, you might be wondering: “How do I maintain brand consistency while crafting location-specific content?” Fear not, there’s a way! Here’s how:

  • Brand guidelines: Ensure that your branches are well-versed in your brand guidelines. These guidelines are like the treasure map for maintaining consistent branding across locations.
  • Content approval workflow: Implement a content approval workflow to ensure every piece of content meets your brand’s standards before it goes live.
  • Local touches: Encourage your branches to add local touches, like mentioning area-specific events or even local slang (only if it fits, of course). This infuses their content with authenticity.

If you’re using Evocalize for launching digital ads, your brand guidelines are automatically built in. We call these “blueprints”. Learn more here.

Monitoring and analytics

In our quest to master local SEO for mortgage, we’ve covered vast territories. But now, we approach the most vital tool in our arsenal: monitoring and analytics.

Here’s why monitoring is important:

  • Online visibility: Monitoring lets you see how visible your branches are in local searches. Are you front and center or hiding in the shadows?
  • Website traffic: Keep tabs on who’s visiting your website, where they’re coming from, and which pages they’re exploring. 
  • Lead generation: Monitoring helps you understand which branches are generating the most leads and replicate it across other locations.

Tools to monitor your success

Google Analytics: It’s the compass of the digital world. Monitor website traffic, user behavior, and conversions. Keep an eye on location-specific data for each branch.

Google Search Console: This is your treasure map to the search engine’s insights. Discover which keywords bring folks to your website and identify technical issues.

Local SEO tools: Tools like Moz Local and BrightLocal help manage your branches’ online presence, monitor rankings, and track reviews.

Lead tracking software: Tools like HubSpot or Salesforce can help you keep tabs on lead generation. Discover which branches are striking gold and which need a little more digging.

Paid digital marketing: Evocalize offers analytics that allow you to monitor and measure the performance of your paid ads with precision. This data is available at the branch and company level. Learn more here

Wrap up

Local SEO is an ongoing quest, but the treasure for multi-location mortgage brokers lies in higher visibility, more leads, and boosted conversion rates. By focusing on localized keywords, optimizing Google My Business listings, regularly publishing location-specific content, and monitoring your results, you can unlock the full potential of local SEO.

Remember to keep an eye on your analytics to see which strategies are striking gold in each location. Allow your branches to add local flair while maintaining brand consistency. With the right local SEO blueprint, your mortgage business can dominate the searches that matter most – the ones from potential customers in your neighborhood.

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