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December 21, 2023
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In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, standing out is key. Did You Know mode and moments offer a unique way to engage customers with bite-sized, informative content that sparks curiosity and conversation. 

At Evocalize, we understand the power of knowledge-based marketing and how it can transform your digital strategy. This blog delves into creating captivating ‘Did You Know’ content, integrating it into your digital strategy, and leveraging Evocalize’s platform to amplify your marketing efforts.

Understanding Did You Know mode and its effectiveness

Did You Know mode consists of intriguing facts or insights presented in an engaging manner, designed to educate and surprise your audience. Discussed in a podcast episode with Paul Tran on the Local Marketing Lab, here are some simple examples of ‘Did You Know’ moments:

  • Did you know we have a secret menu? Ask our staff!
  • Did you know Mondays are family nights at our restaurant? Enjoy special family deals and a cozy atmosphere.
  • Did you know we host bingo nights every Wednesday? Join us for fun, prizes, and community spirit!
  • Did you know every gym member gets a free body scan every month? Track your fitness journey with us!
Cashier creating a "did you know" moment.

You can have these interactions with customers in-person, with signage, or digitally. This type of content is particularly effective for several reasons:

  • Boosts engagement: It captures attention by offering novel information in a concise format.
  • Enhances brand awareness: These moments can highlight unique aspects of your brand or product, increasing customer interest.
  • Encourages sharing: The interesting nature of ‘Did You Know’ facts makes them shareable on social media, expanding your reach.
  • Builds customer connection: By educating customers, you create a deeper connection, fostering trust and loyalty.

This approach, as highlighted by Paul Tran, is a simple yet powerful tool to add to your marketing strategy.

Integrating ‘Did You Know’ insights into your digital strategy

Successfully integrating Did You Know mode into your digital strategy, whether with or without Evocalize, involves a multi-faceted approach tailored to your audience and business nature, be it real estate, restaurants, or gyms.

Here are different mediums you can integrate with ‘Did You Know’ content: 

  • Social media campaigns: Use platforms like Instagram or Facebook to share ‘Did You Know’ content, ensuring it aligns with your overall social media strategy.
  • Email marketing: Include these insights in your email newsletters, creating a regular feature that your subscribers look forward to.
  • Website integration: Feature Did You Know mode facts on your website, possibly as pop-ups or a dedicated section, to enhance user engagement and time spent on site.
  • In-store digital displays: For physical locations, use digital displays to share interesting facts with customers, enriching their in-person experience.
  • Targeted content distribution: Utilize Evocalize’s platform to distribute content across multiple channels, ensuring each Did You Know mode moment reaches the right audience segment.

By integrating these insights into your digital strategy, you create a dynamic, informative, and engaging experience for your audience, fostering deeper connections and driving business growth.

Crafting engaging ‘Did You Know’ content

Creating captivating Did You Know mode content involves a blend of creativity, market understanding, and technological assistance. It’s about delivering relevant, intriguing facts in a concise manner. Here’s how to craft this content both manually and with the help of Evocalize:

  • Understanding your audience: Start by deeply understanding your audience. Conduct market research, gather customer feedback, and monitor social media trends to identify topics that resonate with your audience.
  • Content creativity: Be creative in your approach. Use storytelling, incorporate interesting facts or trivia, and make sure the content aligns with your brand’s personality.
  • Visual appeal: Enhance your content with eye-catching visuals. Use high-quality images or infographics to make your ‘Did You Know’ moments stand out.
  • Leveraging Evocalize’s AI and DCO: With Evocalize, the process of creating these engaging moments becomes more streamlined and effective. The platform’s AI capabilities assist in generating personalized content that resonates with individual user preferences, while Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) ensures that this content is adapted in real-time for maximum relevance and impact.
  • Automated optimization: Evocalize automates the content creation and optimization process, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your campaign. This ensures that each interaction is not only engaging but also effectively contributes to your marketing objectives.

Through this blend of manual creativity and technological innovation, Did You Know mode content becomes a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal, driving engagement and building deeper connections with your audience.

Localizing ‘Did You Know’ content for multi-location businesses

Localizing Did You Know mode content is crucial for multi-location businesses to connect with diverse local audiences. Here’s how to effectively tailor this content:

  • Understand local preferences: Research local trends, preferences, and cultural nuances. Each location might have unique interests that can be leveraged in your content.
  • Highlight local partnerships or events: Share facts about local partnerships, sponsorships, or events. For instance, “Did you know we sponsor the local high school football team?”
  • Feature local employees or customers: Create content that features stories or quotes from local staff or customers, adding a personal touch.
  • Localize offers and promotions: Tailor ‘Did You Know’ facts to promote location-specific offers or promotions, like “Did you know our downtown branch offers a special happy hour menu?”
  • Utilize local landmarks or history: Incorporate local landmarks or historical facts related to your business or its products.
  • Adjust for regional differences: Be mindful of regional language differences, seasonal variations, and local holidays.

By localizing your Did You Know mode content, you not only increase its relevance to different audiences but also demonstrate your commitment to each community you serve.

Evocalize simplifies localization for multi-location businesses by offering a platform that seamlessly manages and tailors content for diverse audiences. Its sophisticated tools allow for easy customization of Did You Know mode content, ensuring that each piece resonates with the specific interests and cultural nuances of different locales. 

This streamlines the process of creating relevant, local-specific marketing campaigns, reducing the workload and complexity for businesses looking to engage with their communities on a more personal level. Learn more here

Closing insights: Elevate your marketing with ‘Did You Know’ moments

Leveraging ‘Did You Know’ content in your marketing strategy, especially when localized for multi-location businesses, can significantly enhance customer engagement. By using Evocalize’s innovative platform, this process becomes more streamlined and effective, allowing for a deeper connection with diverse local audiences. 

For more insightful tips and strategies, don’t forget to listen to Paul Tran’s full episode on the Local Marketing Lab, where he shares valuable insights that can revolutionize your approach to local marketing.

Did you know mode: Unlock growth with awareness and careness with Paul Tran on the Local Marketing Lab podcast

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