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Gain valuable insights, strategies, and best practices for your Google digital marketing campaigns.

The Evocalize Google Discovery Ads playbook — your comprehensive guide to mastering Google Discovery Ads with Evocalize's Blueprint.

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What’s in the playbook?

The Google Discovery Ads Playbook empowers marketing professionals of multi-location franchises with knowledge and strategies to excel in the world of Google Discovery Ads.

Three pages from the Evocalize Google Discovery Ads playbook

Comprehensive guide to Google Discovery Ads

Master the art of Google Discovery Ads with valuable insights, strategies, and best practices. Stay ahead in the digital advertising landscape and learn how to leverage it effectively for your business.

Achieve scalable marketing success across your franchise

Quickly get guidance on achieving scalable marketing success for your multi-location franchise. Learn how to expand your marketing efforts, target new audiences, and maintain engagement with existing customers, all while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your campaigns.

Take it to the next level with Evocalize’s Blueprint

Our Google Discovery Ads Blueprint is a powerful marketing tool that simplifies the process of creating, launching, and managing Discovery Ads campaigns. See how to leverage this blueprint to optimize your targeting, bidding strategies, and overall campaign performance, leading to better results and ROI.

Trusted by 1,500,000+ franchisees and local operators

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Locally optimized.

Improve Performance & Visibility

Automate ad optimization across Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, and more!

Drive Loyalty & Revenue

Get more from local market spend and drive additional revenue through our platform.

Maximize Efficiency

Enable sophisticated local marketing in a few clicks — with brand and compliance control.

Evocalize offers best-in-class technology that has allowed us to quickly scale our solutions to meet our customers’ robust marketing needs.

Kate Teich
VP of Product Management

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