5+ ways to get involved in your community for real estate agents

November 18, 2023

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Getting involved in your local community is one of the best ways for real estate agents to build their reputation, give back, and generate new business leads. When you immerse yourself in community organizations and events, you increase your visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the area. This allows you to organically meet potential clients while also building goodwill through volunteering and partnerships.

This article will provide 5+ actionable tips for real estate agents who want to get involved in your community for real estate. By developing connections and relationships locally, agents can grow their business and make a positive impact at the same time.

get involved in your community for real estate: youth soccer team

Sponsor local sports teams and events

Sponsoring local sports teams and getting involved with community events are great ways for real estate agents to increase their visibility and give back. By aligning your brand with local organizations, you can build goodwill and get in front of potential new clients.

Consider sponsoring a youth sports team in your area, such as a Little League baseball team, youth soccer team, or youth hockey team. You can provide funding for uniforms and equipment branded with your company name and logo. Attend games when possible to cheer on the team and hand out small promotional items to parents in the stands. Post about sponsoring the team on your social media channels. Parents will appreciate your support of their children’s activities.

Having a booth at local fairs, festivals, farmers markets, and other community events is another excellent opportunity. Engage event attendees by raffling off gift cards or prizes like free home inspections and real estate consultations. Give away promotional items like pens, notepads, or even branded t-shirts with your logo and contact information. The goal is to get community members excited about your brand while participating in something fun.

A few other ideas for sponsoring sports teams and community events:

  • Donate to fundraisers that support local youth athletics
  • Sponsor school athletic programs and attend their events
  • Provide snacks/drinks for youth sports tournaments and meets
  • Hand out coupons at community events redeemable for free services
  • Post on social media about supporting the team

The more you can do to show your support of local organizations, the more visibility and goodwill you will build through sponsorships. Determine your budget for getting involved, get creative, and start making an impact in your community!

Volunteer serving soup

Get involved with local charities

Giving back to charitable causes and nonprofits is extremely rewarding for real estate agents looking to make a positive impact in their community. It’s also a great way to network and meet highly engaged residents who may become clients down the road.

Consider joining an existing charity walk or run team in your area and fundraising together. You could also start your own team under your realty company name to raise money for a cause important to you. Training for the event and participating on race day alongside team members shows your dedication.

Volunteering your time and skills is another meaningful way to support local charities. Offer to serve meals at a homeless shelter, sort donations at a food bank, walk dogs at an animal rescue, or clean up a park. You’ll meet other community-minded people while assisting an organization in need.

Serving on a nonprofit’s board of directors allows you to contribute guidance and expertise. You’ll expand your leadership abilities and decision-making skills too.

Donating a portion of your real estate commissions to local causes you care about makes an ongoing impact. Support youth enrichment programs, environmental groups, animal welfare, disease research, or whatever resonates most with your values.

A few other ideas for charity involvement:

  • Sponsor a charity golf tournament or fun run event
  • Host a fundraising party or event and donate the proceeds
  • Partner with charities for client appreciation mixers or events
  • Participate in a community service day hosted by local nonprofits

When you roll up your sleeves and get involved with charities, you demonstrate compassion while building fruitful relationships. It’s a win-win for doing good and effectively marketing your real estate business.


Partner with local businesses 

Partnering strategically with local businesses presents promising opportunities for real estate agents to cross-promote services, co-host events, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Consider collaborating with restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and other retailers to co-host mixers, networking events, or workshops. You provide the expertise and opportunity to network, while they supply the food, drinks, and venue. It’s a win-win for connecting with new contacts.

Offer your professional advice to local small business owners looking to lease or purchase new office/retail space. Be their trusted real estate advisor throughout the process. In return, you’ve gained a new loyal client when they eventually need to sell their house too.

Develop partnerships with other service providers you trust to refer clients back and forth. For example, partner with a local lender, home inspector, contractor, stager, and others. They’ll refer you clients if you send them business as well.

A few other local business partnership ideas:

  • Negotiate promotions like free coffee or discounts for your clients
  • Showcase and raffle off products/services at your own events
  • Arrange for charitable commission donations on deals
  • Advertise open houses or listings at their location
  • Sponsor a local business’ softball or bowling team

Getting involved with neighborhood businesses builds your visibility while also helping the local economy thrive. It can lead to creative promotions, valuable referrals, and cross-marketing opportunities. Foster win-win local partnerships.

School library

Support local schools

Local schools are the heart of most communities, so getting involved shows your dedication as a real estate agent. Supporting schools builds rapport with families and positions you as an advocate for education.

Consider sponsoring local school sports teams and events. Provide funding for uniforms/equipment and cheer on the student-athletes at games. You can also volunteer to give career talks in classrooms, sharing your expertise and inspiring students. Donating a portion of commissions earned toward school arts, music, or science programs makes an impact.

Here are some more ways to support schools:

  • Host an end-of-year teacher appreciation lunch
  • Volunteer as a mock job interviewer to help students prep for future careers
  • Participate in school beautification and clean-up days
  • Attend school plays, talent shows and other events
  • Sponsor academic awards and scholarships for graduating seniors
  • Donate books or other needed supplies identified by teachers
  • Judge science fairs, robotics competitions, or other academic contests

The more you can get involved with local schools in a positive way, the more families will appreciate your contributions to their child’s growth. Be visible at academic, athletic, and extracurricular events. Promote the partnership on social media to raise awareness. Supporting local schools builds trust and goodwill with families, while positioning you as a community leader.

Join the Local Board of Realtors

One of the first steps for getting involved in the community for real estate is to join your local Board of Realtors. These organizations offer valuable networking events, meetings, classes, and volunteer opportunities. Becoming an active member allows you to connect with fellow top agents in the area and stay on top of local real estate news and trends. Don’t know your closest realtor association? Search here

Some specific ways to get involved with your local Realtor board include:

  • Attend networking mixers, charity events, educational seminars, and new member orientations. These are all chances to meet potential referral partners and clients.
  • Volunteer for Realtor board committees related to your interests, such as community service, political affairs, communications, or membership development. This demonstrates your commitment and allows you to give back.
  • Take on Realtor board leadership positions, such as being a committee chairperson or board member. This elevates your profile in the local real estate community.
  • Enroll in continuing education courses offered by the Realtor association to sharpen your skills and showcase your expertise.

Getting active with your local Board of Realtors takes some time and effort upfront, but it can pay huge dividends for establishing yourself in the community, gaining referrals, and boosting your real estate business. It’s one of the most effective ways to get involved locally.

Attend city council meetings

Attending city council meetings may not initially seem like an impactful way to get involved in your community for real estate. However, it can be quite valuable for staying up to date on local issues, connecting with key leaders, and positioning yourself as a real estate expert.

Take time to review city council meeting agendas ahead of time and show up to meetings when relevant proposals are being discussed. For example, if new housing developments, zoning changes, or other property matters are being proposed, provide your input during public comment periods. Offer insights on how you think certain proposals will affect the local housing market and community overall.

Having a consistent presence at city council meetings allows you to establish relationships with elected officials and local leaders. Be someone they turn to for perspective on how policies under consideration could influence real estate and economic growth in the area. The more you can demonstrate your expertise and care for the community, the more your opinion will be valued.

A few tips for making the most of city council meeting involvement:

  • Speak with charisma, facts, and professionalism during public comments
  • Follow up with one-on-one meetings with city leaders to discuss issues further
  • Share highlights from meetings on social media to showcase your involvement
  • Partner with the chamber of commerce and other groups invested in local growth

The time invested staying updated on local issues and sharing your real estate knowledge at city council meetings can pay off through increased influence and recognition in the community. Make it part of your routine to be an active voice.

Get involved in your community for real estate

As you dive into the vibrant tapestry of your local community, remember that every connection made, every partnership forged, and every hour dedicated pays dividends beyond measure. Engaging with your neighborhood doesn’t just bolster your visibility; it weaves the fabric of trust, goodwill, and expertise around your brand.

So, step forth boldly, immerse yourself, and watch how each act of involvement impacts you, your business, and those around you. 

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