6+ ways to master TikTok ads for franchises

August 18, 2023

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TikTok has exploded in popularity, amassing over 1 billion active users. This massive audience represents a huge opportunity for multi-location franchises to boost brand awareness and engage Gen Z consumers.

But launching effective TikTok ad campaigns at scale across all your franchise locations can be daunting. This blog serves as your guide to unraveling the mysteries of running seamless, locally-tailored TikTok ads for franchises that are deeply aligned with your franchise identity.

The power of TikTok ads for franchises

TikTok offers an authentic, entertaining platform to showcase your brand personality and connect with young audiences. The key is tailoring your content and messaging to resonate with TikTok users while staying true to your brand voice.

As a corporate marketer steering a franchise ship, the notion of granting franchisees the reins to TikTok ads might seem like uncharted waters. Yet, the sheer magnitude of TikTok’s user base and its unparalleled engagement rates render it a treasure trove that cannot be overlooked. In fact, it could become the catalyst that elevates your franchise to unforeseen heights.

Empowering tailored TikTok ads for local owners can:

  • Help them better connect with local communities
  • Drive more foot traffic and sales to individual locations
  • Bolster your brand’s presence on social media

Of course, a cautious stride is warranted. The art lies in equipping franchisees with brand guidelines and strategic direction, thereby unlocking TikTok’s potential to spotlight your franchise in front of fresh eyes. The result? A symphony of brand synergy harmonized with local flair.

TikTok ads for franchises with pictures of different food menu options.

The challenges of scaling TikTok ads across franchise locations

Enabling local TikTok ads for franchises has its share of challenges, particularly when scale enters the equation.

Potential issues corporate marketing faces include:

  • Creative disparities: Nurturing a collective creative vision becomes a tussle, as franchisees might lack the artistic prowess needed to craft high-quality ads.
  • Content oversight: The dilemma of overseeing a multitude of ad content, granting approval, and ensuring each ad aligns with the brand’s essence can seem insurmountable.
  • Optimizing allocation: Striking the ideal balance in ad spending and targeting across diverse franchise locations poses yet another riddle.

This can lead to disjointed messaging that dilutes your brand identity. The key is finding solutions to mitigate these risks.

Read on to learn how your franchise can conquer TikTok advertising.

Guiding franchisees towards TikTok success

Launching into the world of TikTok ads can be an exhilarating endeavor for franchisees, but with the guidance of corporate marketing, the journey becomes both seamless and rewarding. As you set out to empower your franchise network, here are some invaluable strategies to consider:

Fostering branding, compliance, and optimization

In the vast landscape of TikTok ads for franchises, ensuring consistency is paramount. Corporate marketing can steer the ship by establishing comprehensive guidelines that encompass branding, compliance, and optimization. Equip franchisees with a clear roadmap that outlines visual identity, messaging tone, legal obligations, and strategies for maximizing ad impact.

Crafting customizable templates and assets

This leads us to setting up branded templates. Simplify the creative process for franchisees by developing a collection of TikTok ad templates and editable assets. These ready-to-use resources can act as springboards for franchisees, enabling them to effortlessly infuse their local flavor while staying true to the brand’s essence. Think of it as providing a palette of creativity that’s both vibrant and brand-aligned.

Centralized resource hub

Create a centralized digital hub where franchisees can access a wealth of resources, from your templates and assets to tutorials and best practices. By housing this treasure trove of wisdom in one place, you empower franchisees to explore, learn, and draw inspiration from a hub tailored to their TikTok ambitions.

Empowerment through training workshops

Nurturing a creative mindset among franchisees is pivotal. Host training workshops that delve into the art of crafting captivating TikTok content. Uncover the magic behind brainstorming compelling concepts, leveraging trends, and harnessing the power of visual storytelling. By helping franchisees feel comfortable using TikTok ads, you pave the way for authenticity and engagement.

Collaborative brainstorming sessions

Ignite the spirit of collaboration through virtual brainstorming sessions. Facilitate open dialogues where franchisees can share ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and collectively ideate on innovative TikTok campaigns. It’s a symphony of creativity where franchisees find support, camaraderie, and inspiration.

Amplifying brand presence through social listening

Elevate franchisee engagement by deploying social listening tools to monitor brand mentions and local owner content. This dual-pronged approach not only lets you gauge the pulse of your franchise’s presence but also empowers franchisees to fine-tune their TikTok strategies based on real-time insights. It’s a collaborative journey where data shapes brilliance.

We recommend checking out this article by Brand24 that includes a list of 7 best TikTok monitoring tools. 

By embracing these strategies, you create a symbiotic relationship that transforms TikTok aspirations into vibrant, resonant realities. Together, you’re not just navigating TikTok; you’re redefining it, one franchise at a time.

Effortless ad creation with Evocalize’s TikTok Blueprint

Evocalize’s TikTok Blueprint provides turnkey templates and tools to streamline ad creation for franchises.

An Evocalize Blueprint is like a dynamic plan that combines data-driven insights, industry expertise, and your unique goals to create a clear path for franchisees to launch effective and impactful marketing campaigns. Just as a blueprint guides the construction of a building, an Evocalize Blueprint guides the construction of digital marketing programs, ensuring every element is in place for optimal results.

The TikTok Blueprint makes it easy for local franchisees to produce professional, compliant ads that align with your brand standards. 

Key features of Evocalize’s industry-leading TikTok Blueprint:

  • Create eye-catching video ads optimized for TikTok with pre-design templates
  • Localize ad creative for each unique market with automation
  • Ensure brand consistency across all locations
  • Drive results through built-in best practices
  • Access library of brand assets

This eliminates the need for extensive training or video production experience. Franchisees can create eye-catching TikTok ads that resonate with their local communities with minimal effort. Learn more about Evocalize’s platform here.

Optimizing TikTok ad performance

As corporate marketing takes the helm in guiding franchisees through the TikTok landscape, the optimization of ad performance becomes a crucial chapter in the success story. Here’s how corporate marketing can elevate TikTok ads for franchises to new heights of engagement and impact:

Data-driven insights for informed decisions

Corporate marketing possesses a treasure trove of data-driven insights gleaned from broader brand campaigns. Leverage this wealth of information to help franchisees make informed decisions about their TikTok ad strategies. By analyzing past performance metrics, identifying audience preferences, and spotting emerging trends, corporate marketing can provide actionable recommendations that shape winning campaigns.

Targeting expertise for pinpoint precision

By collaborating closely with franchisees, corporate marketing can help refine audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure that TikTok ads reach the most receptive viewers. This collaborative approach ensures that ad spend is allocated where it truly matters, fostering meaningful interactions and conversions.

Real-time monitoring and rapid adaptation

Corporate marketing should set up real-time monitoring systems to track ad performance and engagement. By closely observing the campaign’s progress, corporate marketing can swiftly identify trends, seize opportunities, and recommend timely adjustments that keep franchisees ahead of the curve.

Optimizing budget allocation

Corporate marketing can collaborate with franchisees to optimize budget distribution, ensuring that each ad campaign receives the right level of investment for maximum impact. From bidding strategies to ad scheduling, corporate marketing’s expertise guides franchisees in making budget decisions that yield remarkable returns.

Optimize with Evocalize

With the Evocalize TikTok Blueprint, you can monitor results of campaigns across the entire organization or drill down on a specific location. Here is the reporting dashboard you can view to dive deeper in your local marketing efforts. 

The Evocalize platform allows you to:

  • Continually A/B test ad creative
  • Adjust bids in real-time based on analytics
  • Leverage machine learning to identify high-performing content
  • Connect additional data from other sources for a more comprehensive understanding of your marketing performance

Evocalize’s experts also provide ongoing campaign management support to analyze data, refine targeting, and maximize your ad spend.

The bottom line: Navigate opportunities for TikTok ads for franchises

TikTok presents an immense opportunity for multi-location franchises aiming to reach new audiences and drive growth through social advertising.

Embracing TikTok is a journey, one that requires a harmonious partnership between corporate marketing and franchisees. By fostering collaboration, offering strategic guidance, and leveraging powerful tools like Evocalize’s TikTok Blueprint, franchise brands can unlock new dimensions of creativity and engagement.

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