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Reselling localized digital advertising to SMBs at scale

April 29, 2021

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How marketing technology providers enable users with localized digital marketing at scale

In 2020, local advertising spend reached $168 billion in the USA. Today, technology providers who are rich with customer data are well positioned to generate new revenue from this market, and provide extraordinary value for their users.

In this webinar, learn everything you need to know to plan for, and execute, a seamless digital marketing feature into your technology.

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  • Understand market trends that validate the demand for this seven-figure revenue opportunity
  • Learn an ROI framework to understand the revenue potential of this opportunity
  • Learn best practices for integration, go-to-market, and adoption
  • How to give users a new feature that saves them time, and helps them grow their business
  • How to create a competitive advantage in your market to win net-new business

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