National vs local ads: Why localized campaigns outperform national strategies for multi-location businesses

April 16, 2024
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For multi-location enterprises, it’s challenging to manage ads across each location. Comparing national vs local ads — which is more effective?

Striking the right balance between maintaining a cohesive national brand identity and delivering locally relevant campaigns is crucial. While national marketing strategies have their place, the data overwhelmingly shows that local digital advertising outperforms its broader counterpart.

As a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for multi-location businesses, Evocalize has witnessed firsthand the power of localized campaigns. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key advantages of national vs local ads and why local should be a top priority for any brand aiming to thrive in the modern marketplace.

The power of local digital marketing

Conversion rates: Turning leads into loyal customers

When it comes to driving conversions, local digital marketing reigns supreme. A study by Google found that an impressive 76% of local mobile searches result in a physical store visit within 24 hours. By targeting users who are actively searching for products or services in their area, local campaigns capitalize on the immediacy of customer intent, leading to higher conversion rates and more tangible results.

88% of purchases are influenced by social media

Engagement and personalization: Building meaningful connections

One of the key strengths of local digital marketing is the ability to personalize campaigns to reflect the unique characteristics of each community. By tailoring messaging and offers to resonate with local tastes and activities, businesses can forge stronger connections with their audience. In fact, 88% of purchases are influenced by social media, highlighting the power of personalized engagement.

Efficiency and resource allocation: Making every dollar count

Local digital marketing allows businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently by focusing on the markets that matter most. By targeting specific geographic areas and demographics, companies can reduce wasted ad spend and ensure that their marketing efforts are reaching the right people at the right time. This targeted approach not only conserves marketing budgets but also improves overall campaign performance.

National vs local ads - 46% of all searches on Google have local intent

The data speaks: Proof of local marketing’s superiority

Increased traffic: 46% of all searches on Google have local intent, highlighting the importance of local search. Additionally, 57% of local searches are from a mobile device. When it comes to comparing national vs local ads, it’s important to capture local searches and optimize for mobile.

Social media impact: When it comes to driving brand discovery and purchase intent, social media is a force to be reckoned with — especially for local campaigns. More people now find new products, services, and brands through social media ads than through traditional word-of-mouth or review sites. A strong local social media presence can directly translate to foot traffic, with 51% of consumers making plans to visit a business after a positive social media interaction.

28% of local searches result in a purchase

Higher conversion rates: A study by Google found that 28% of local searches result in a purchase and the search term “Open now near me” has grown 400% YoY. This data demonstrates the power of local intent and the clear advantages of local ads over national marketing campaigns.

Open opportunities: ReviewTrackers reports that 58% of companies don’t localize for search. For multi-location businesses, it’ll be a huge advantage to capture local search results now while only 30% of companies have a plan in place.

The data is clear – local digital marketing outperforms national strategies across key metrics such as traffic, engagement, and conversions. For multi-location businesses seeking to maximize their national vs local ads efforts, these insights provide a compelling case for prioritizing localized campaigns.

How Evocalize empowers multi-location businesses

As a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, Evocalize understands the unique challenges faced by multi-location businesses when it comes to navigating the national vs local ads landscape. Our platform is designed to bridge the gap between corporate branding and local relevance, empowering each location to run highly effective, customized campaigns.

Evocalize ad templates or blueprints

Customizable ad templates: Evocalize offers a suite of customizable ad templates that allow local operators to tailor their messaging and visuals to their specific market. These templates are designed and locked by the corporate marketing team (mentioned below). This ensures that local ad campaigns remain on-brand while still resonating with the unique preferences of their community.

Evocalize brand control for users

Compliance and brand control: Evocalize’s platform gives corporate marketing teams the ability to lock down certain aspects of the campaigns, maintaining brand consistency and compliance across the network. This balance of centralized control and local flexibility is a key differentiator in the national vs local ads space.

Localized messaging

Empowering local operators: Rather than relying solely on a top-down, national marketing approach, Evocalize empowers each local operator to run their own digital campaigns. This enables them to capitalize on their intimate knowledge of their target audience and deliver highly personalized local ads.

Evocalize algorithm and machine learning

Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning: Evocalize’s complex algorithms and machine learning capabilities optimize ad spend and campaign performance across the entire network of franchisees or locations. This innovative approach ensures that your marketing strategy is continually refined and improved, driving better results for multi-location businesses.

The potential of national vs local ads

The data is clear – local digital marketing outperforms national strategies across a range of key metrics, from conversion rates and engagement to efficient resource allocation. For multi-location businesses seeking to thrive in the modern marketplace, prioritizing localized ad campaigns is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity.

By leveraging Evocalize’s innovative digital marketing platform, enterprises can bridge the gap between their corporate branding and the unique needs of their local communities. Our customizable ad templates, compliance controls, and empowered local operators ensure that each location can run highly effective, personalized campaigns that drive real results.

As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, Evocalize is here to help you unlock the true potential of your national vs local ads strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

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