We are a SaaS-based Customer Engagement Platform for Marketers

Evocalize turns customer conversations into revenue. We help brands create and sustain a thoughtful and continuous conversation with their customers, and then leverage these conversations to glean deep customer insights, provide real-time business monitoring, and power a suite of word of mouth marketing solutions.


What we can do for you
  • Fuel awareness and brand equity
  • Increase revenue
  • Reach and acquire new customers
  • Gain rich customer insights and intelligence
  • Oversee real-time operational health
How we do it
  • Create intelligent and personal conversations with customers at scale
  • Develop 360° views of your customers
  • Moderate, curate, and publish content to fuel social conversations
  • Increase reach, engagement, and clickthru traffic to your site
  • Identify advocates and acquire new customers thru advocacy
Why we're different
  • Flexible SaaS & mobile-first platform to meet modern day marketers' needs
  • Big Data driven hyper-personalization engine to guide relevant and contextual interaction for each and every customer, in real-time
  • Higher quality & quantity of rich word-of-mouth content
  • Network effect of cross-brand customer profiles