Capture, publish and optimize
customer-created content that you own.
Now you can easily capture and publish original content from your customers as they interact and transact with your brand.
Capture compelling customer content.

The most effective brand content comes directly from your customers’ personal experiences, in the moment they interact and transact with the brand. The Evocalize Platform captures that authentic customer content and enables the brand to publish it across channels. The brand owns the content and can use it to support any number of marketing efforts.

Publish targeted customer content to the right audience, anywhere.

Relevant content improves engagement, action, acquisition and conversion. The Evocalize Platform allows you to group content by theme, target unique customer segments, and publish this content across your media channels.

Optimize customer content to maximize ROI.

The easy-to-use dashboard helps you quickly identify trends and uncover actionable customer insights. With Evocalize, you continually maximize ROI through targeted content marketing programs.